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Scott St. Amand – your editor, author, web designer, Chief Renaissance Man, and dashing tax scholar is a senior associate in the Jacksonville, Florida office of Fisher, Tousey, Leas & Ball, P.A.  His practice focuses on Federal and state tax controversies. He was a commercial litigator in years gone by, but he’s happy to report that he has mended his ways.

Scott graduated from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law with an LL.M. in Taxation.  He received his J.D. from the University of Richmond, T.C. Williams School of Law, and his B.A. in English and Latin from Wake Forest University.  Scott also earned a post-doctorate degree in sarcasm (with a concentration in passive aggression) after apprenticing for 37 years with his father, who would have been a Nobel Laureate in the subject if those Swedes on the medal committee weren’t so damn myopic…but “we” digress…

Scott lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with his beautiful (and ever so patient) wife, two young children, two dogs, a cat he likes, and a cat who does not acknowledge that he exists.

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