Tell all the tax, but tell it slant.

-Emily Dickinson*

Suffice it to say, Briefly Taxing is not your “traditional” legal blog.

Sure, we’re a phenomenal resource for tax practitioners, but Briefly Taxing is so much more.

If you’re looking to keep up with the topics and trends of an ever-mutable tax landscape, we’ve got you covered. 

If you long for some biting sarcasm and righteous indignation with your legal analysis, that’s pretty much our wheelhouse.

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Through a careful formula of insomnia, caffeine, and self-deprecation, in the Index, your ever so fearless editors of Briefly Taxing summarize the opinions of the Tax Court (since January 1, 2020). These posts synthesize the facts and controlling law, and keep practitioners apprised of the current direction that the winds of the Tax Court are blowing.

In the Repository, you will find detailed legal analysis told by an idiot (your drunk Uncle Bill), full of sound and fury (poignant sarcasm and not-so-passive aggression), signifying nothing (well,  that last bit is simply not  true).  These higher-level articles are written chiefly for tax practitioners and footnote connoisseurs. 

Finally, Briefly Taxing also feature more accessible posts, geared towards those who don’t necessarily speak Taxish (a brogue dialect of Legalese spoken widely by CPAs and tax attorneys). In Taxing, Briefly, you will find lighter, shorter posts that discuss taxes at a 10,000-foot level.  These posts relate to everyday life and its evanescent brushes with the world of Federal taxation. 

*I may or may not be paraphrasing.