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It’s fair to say that here at Briefly Taxing, we live and breathe tax law.  There are other folks out there (so we’ve been told) that have other, less esoteric and acronym-driven interests.  It is for the rest of you (which is to say, the majority of the civilized world) that we has created a series of articles called Taxing, Briefly.  These posts adopt a much broader, less technical approach to current tax issues. 

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Although true, these articles are still not a substitute for actual legal advice.

It goes without saying (but I’m a lawyer, and I can’t help saying it), but these articles are no substitutes for legal advice.  If you have a question about what you read, reach out to us, or bug your number-crunching Cousin Leroy, the family’s token CPA.

These articles are only as good as the questions we’re asked by you non-taxish people, who (apparently) far outnumber your tax nerd kith and kin.  So, if you have a question, drop us a line by clicking the button below.

Our most recent Taxing, Briefly Articles​

Taxing, Briefly
Scott St. Amand

The 2021 Child Tax Credit – Taxing, Briefly

I’m not saying that you had kids for the tax breaks, but no one at Briefly Taxing would judge you if this consideration didn’t play a small role in the decision to bring your dependents (children, rather) into the world.  With that having been said, let’s talk about the 2021

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